Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post 1 : 9-7-11

So since the beginning of IVT we have gotten to know the class through their partners eyes, talked about what art is (or what is isn't which is very little), watched some mind bending music videos and read an article. The music videos were quite confusing and without watching them multiple times I could have never fully understood their meaning and what they were trying to convey. I don't think i could actually ever fully understand either video. People were traveling backwards then forwards and even multiplying. I thought they were really interesting and made you watch more closely then any Lady GA GA video. I even began to not even notice the music and the longer and more I watched the deeper and deeper into the background I saw.

The whole ball of wax was this pretty radical off the wall article written by this critic who got completely off topic from what he was supposed to be doing and going on about what art is and how people think about art and how art is simply a cat. I found it quite hilarious and interesting even though it criticized scientists, but I understand whee he was coming from. I really liked the quote "art can change the world incrementally and by osmosis." As we all know from it being drilled into our brains in 8th grade biology osmosis is the diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane. Well humans brains and feelings are semi-permeable membranes. We choose to let art in and try to understand it and others don't. I disagreed with the statement he makes that "things one doesn't understand changes ones life." I think in order for art or anything to change your life you have o understand it in some respects whether it be very limited or on a full dimension. I also agree that art is a cat. Dogs are easy to read and understand and they are in your face. Cats take an extra element to understand.

I would like to know more about the way the Director makes those music videos. Recording movies and film is so foreign to me and I would like to know how he cut and times the mso welll along with cloning people in the first film. I would also like to read more articles like the whole ball of wax. Short Articles that get to the point and are commical and blunt.


  1. I enjoyed reading your discussion about The Whole Ball of Wax reading and what art is and isn't. I really love how you made the point "In order order for art or anything to change your life you have to understand it in some respects whether it be very limited or on a full dimension". I agree fully.

    Do you think society will come to accept art as "necessary" and not "optional"?

  2. I do not htink society as a whole will but if an individual person takes the time to sit down and truely think about how much art is in their life they will see it as necessary. Arctitecture is art and they live in a house dont they ...