Monday, October 17, 2011

Artist proposals

I have decided to propose three photographers that make a career out of the topics I also find interesting.

Kevin Fleming: Nature and News photographer from Delmarva. Mainly a nature photographer, that has worked for National Geographic and has also covered events and places in his career. i have seen his photos my whole life and I admire him very much. I have done small amounts of research on him before but if I choose him this time I wish to personally contact him and find some further info on him that is not available on the internet.

Walter Iooss: A sports photographer who photographs many sports not only game play but portraits of the athletes. He was successful at a young age and has had many images in Sports Illustrated. I am getting more and more into sports photography so I think researching a professional further may help me.

Toni Frissell: First ever woman photographer to work for Sports Illustrated, worked as the photographer for Women's Army Corps and took photos of presidents and other famous individuals. She was a pioneer in sports photography and her work is so famous it in in the Library of Congress. It would be interesting to research her more because of the simple fact that she pioneer women sports photographer which I am.

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