Monday, December 5, 2011

critique response

The in class critique was interesting and helpful. I learned things about how people interprete my work more then I would even see with my own eyes. It was brought up that people did not see the red and black color association with MD terps colors especially since it was a poster about the real terps. I though that was obvious, but probably because I am the artist. I learned that even the animals like the blue heron are not recognizable to some people. I mean clearly they have all seen one even i they have never taken notice to him, but one lives in the pond on campus that people walk past everyday.

As for the book the main response I got was just that people liked how it was constructed and it was easy on the eyes. They liked the photos.
I feel that the posters were effective in the simple fact that it made some people ask, so what are those animals it means they were showing interest and I achieved the goal of making people look.

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