Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Food Art and Final Post

For my final project for this class I decided to make two kinds of food. My original idea was to play off of two jokes we had during class, 1: Art is a Cat and 2: time is white. So I was going to bake a sheet cake and use white icing to cover the cake then top it with the figure of a black cat. Then the more I though about it, that idea just seemed too simple and too normal. I then came up with the idea of mixing my passion for photography of course in to my art and created a cake in the shape of a camera. Then while I was exploring a craft store back home I was a box to make pretzel mix and decided to go along with my cat idea and make a cat out of pretzels.

I chose to bake a cake because I was home and could use my kitchens and all its supplies better then at school, and my mom also had all the ingredients. I chose chocolate cake because it is dark, like a camera, and its my favorite flavor. I used a bread pan to make the overall body shape, the mix allowed for two of these pans. I chose the best overall shaped one and then cut the camera hand rest out of the other cake and shaped it and stuck it to the main body.I also put some cake on the top to represent the flash section of the camera. I experimented with using white icing and then black color food spray, but that turned out really gross so I just stuck with chocolate icing. So I just put chocolate icing all over the shape then stuck a photo on the back where the main screen would be on a real camera. Used dove chocolate pieces to represent the shutter button and another dial. I put white icing in shapes to represent other buttons and marks on a real camera. I finally created the lens out of doughnuts. I put one doughnut on the cake first then placed a photo in the hole and placed another doughnut on top of that one to give a medium lens size effect. Visually it is not perfect of course and there is not black icing but I think the photos within the lens and on the back are a nice visual additive. I am happy with how it turned out and excited to eat it.

My pretzel, although probably stale not, was more of a random experimental project. I have never made pretzels before but I knew I could shape them however I wanted to so that is what I did. I made the shapes of the face, eyes, nose and ears from pretzels, picked the best shapes and then pieced them together to create a cat face. I decided to use the cinnamon coating for this cat because I though it would make the pretzel look hairy or fuzzy like a real cat and create that visual effect. I used green jelly beans as eyes to make them stand out. Then I used tooth pics to create the mouth and wiskers because I though it would be un-reliable to make small enough and thin enough pretzels to look right. As I was placing the pretzel into its container it started to fall apart and I have had to use more tooth picks to hold things together. It took a long time to complete both and I just hope in the end that neither fall apart.

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